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expired UNIVERSAL USB CHARGER WITH 2 PORTS $9.99 (was $14.99) @Ozonlineshop

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This is our best selling gadget so far! You can charge -almost- all electronics with this. (iPhone, iPad, iPod, GoPro etc)

You can use two ports simultaneously. Please see our recommendation for best charging:

Port 1A: iPhone, iPod, generic MP3 players,

Port 2.1A: iPad, GoPro, All Android Phones (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc...)

If you are unsure about which port works best for your device, here is a brief explanation:

Almost all electronic devices are only "draws" the amperage they need. As a best practice, you should always supply the "minimum" amperages to a device. Let's take an example. You can safely provide 2.1amps to an iPhone which only needs 1amps. However, you shouldn't provide any amps below <1 to iPhone, this might damage any components. It's always better to check volts/amps value of your device before attempting to charge it with any other charger. 5V/1A is almost standard for iPhones while Android phones demands 1.5A or higher. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll forward your query to one of our geeks :)

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Kudos 5magic. These portable accessories do really good. I might use this one.
Wonderful. What do you recommend for iPhone X? I need something that can last for years.
You can try these actually.

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