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Terms of Use

When providing information you must provide correct, current and accurate idenfication information. This is mostly for registration to become a user to post deals and interact with other users or the site. Users are responsible for their posts and acts in the site. cannot be held responsible for any act of any user or visitor. We also have right to refuse providing service for anybody at any time without notification.

Using this site you would be accepting that you are reponsible for your acts. Any consequence is also included to this. Australian and International laws apply to the service of the site. These laws may regard technical data, copyrights, personal rights and private information.

Any user cannot and cannot encourage any third party to upload or distribute unlawful, harrasing, violent, abusive, fraud, virus containing content that can be determined by administration.

You cannot and cannot encourage any third party infringe third party intellectual rights or private rights like contractual or fiduciary rights.
You cannot and cannot encourage to upload content unrelated to this site and these will be deleted by administration of the site.
You cannot prevent anybody to use and you cannot use the site for fraudulent or inappropriate purpose. has right to start legal actions to against violation of this agreement.
Multiple accounts by same user may or may not be prevented upon decision of administration. We may authorize certain users to use multiple accounts.

Advertisement advertises via some services like Google Adsense. By using this site you agree to display ads.

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