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expired SUNBEAM Espresso Bar includes Espresso Machine and Grinder

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An integral coffee grinder on this appliance means the time from bean to brew is minimal whilst maximising the taste potential for your coffee. The superb twin pumps and twin thermo-blocks with a cutting-edge TPTT system results in fast, accurate heating for coffee that's always just right. The stainless steel lined thermo-blocks benefit from PID temperature technology, giving you that all-important temperature accuracy. The Sunbeam PU6910 Espresso Bar includes EM6910 Espresso Machine & EM0440 Grinder also features a 15bar Italian-designed pump, 3.0L water tank, drip tray and manufacturer's warranty of twelve months. 
Features:- Twin pump & twin thermo-block with TPTT system - Stainless steel lined thermo-blocks with PID temperature technology- 15 BAR Italian pump- 3.0L water tank- Manufacturer's warranty.
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Italian style pumps is good choice for special nights
its coffee machine ??!

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