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Last Seen: 30 Jul 2018 22:43
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Samsonite is the best! Once they broke my luggage during my NY flight. I was sick of this kind of shit happening to me. So it's a good idea to order a Samsonite when it's on sale.
I filled the form and waiting for the sample to come. Hope my puppy likes it.
Does anyone know that whether i can use this product for shoe storage? Is it a good idea?
Peanut butter and jelly is my favourite for breakfast. I used to eat this sandwich when i was in the states for school. It's good to have the same one here in Sydney. Thank you!
Woolworths is doing great discounts these days. I checked the catalogue and found so many items to buy. Keep making bargains Woolworths!
Dude, every time i talk to a nice girl, my battery dies. so i decided to buy a powerbank now and i saw the bargain. That's great price. I hope it's high quality and has long life. Because when phone battery and power bank battery die at the same time, i wanna die too. :(
I ordered my pizza with this code last night. Thank you very much.
I use this brand and it's very nice one. It's soft and tender, my ass gets comfy with it. Thanks quilton!
LMAO these are balls shining :D
You get full with a pack of regular chips? Are you kidding me? :D or are you 12 years old hahahah

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