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Title must be 100 characters max. Title must contain deal description or product or service name and store name.
Adding a price is almost obligatory if are announcing a product. If it is a service or long term sale you may add something like description.

140mm Potted Colour Boom $3.98 at Bunnings
Free Office 365 for Students Enrolled in Australia for Edu E-mail @ Microsoft
Free Sample Of Sensodyne at Gsk They Deliver
Spend $150 Get $30 Off at Ray’s Outdoors

Deal URL

The URL must be directing to the page where specifically the deal is provided. Spamming is strictly forbidden. Don’t advertise your site here or you’ll get banned. Or if deal is not shared on any official page you can upload visual of the product or related file (e.g. list of discount products, photo you took in the store etc.).


Please select the most related category in the list. If you can’t find select “other”.


If promotion codes or voucher codes are featured by the deal you can enter the code. Max. 3 coupons may be shared when posting a deal.

Total Save

Enter the amount shoppers could save with the deal. Don’t use dollar symbol ($) in the box.

Start Date, End Date

The dates when deal starts and expire. Please check twice against misinformation. You can’t post expired deals. If you don’t provide date deals will be expired within 60 days.


If deal is completely free with no additional costs check this box.

Out Of Stock

If the product is out of stock you must check this and then edit it to post again.


Please describe the deal in your first sentence with a clear expression. In the rest please provide your opinion, other price information, other products related to the deal.

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