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I just read this book cover to cover on a holiday airplane flight and agree with all of the reviews to date. The people that Ken Banks has chosen to profile truly speak and more importantly act from their hearts. For this holiday season (or any time of year!) your heart will be warmed by the stories, actions and the "how to" tips that are given right from the trenches of those trying to change the world. My family is reading the book now and we all have our favorite innovator - leading to many great conversations.

From the Author
Fuelled by the spread of the Internet and the ubiquity of mobile phones, there are more people working to solve pressing social and environmental problems in the world today than ever before in human history. For anyone wanting to join them, it is my hope that 'The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator' will show the way, or at least one way, and prove that the only qualifications you need to change the world are a little faith, hope and determination.
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