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expired Dragon Fighter: Ball Z for Free (RRP $1.3) @Google Play

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App 'Dragon Fighter: Ball Z' for Free.

In the main story Android 16 will play a prominent role - having mysteriously been revived, along with a "mysterious army" of Super Androids who look like the Z Fighters, and then the Z Fighters are taken down left and right.[3][4] Android 21, an all-new female character, will also play a role in the story.

There are three story scenarios: the Super Warrior Arc where Goku is the main character, the Enemy Warrior Arc where Frieza is the main character and the Android 21 Arc, where Androids 18 and 21 are the main characters. Each arc features a similar but somewhat different story. The main plot of the game is revealed in the Android 21 Arc.

Usually sells for $1.3.

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