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Coles Catalogue

Coles Catalogue is the weekly online lookbook of grocery and featured Coles deals. Be a member to be informed about the promoted products and online shopping prices. We prepare the top deals of Coles for you everyday. Share your experiences about latest news about Coles stores as well.
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Coles Catalogue Special Offers 15 February - 21 February
15-21 Feb
Coles Catalogue 8 February - 14 February
08-14 Feb
Coles Catalogue Special Offers 1 February - 7 February
01-07 Feb

Latest Deals From Coles Catalogue

expired Black Swan Classic Dip 2 for $6 @Coles

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Hi guys,There is a good bargain on Black Swan dip sauces at Coles this week. These European style dips are great for home parties, game nights, a delicious dinner table and everything. It's delicious with taco... Read More

expired Dog and Cat Food Discount - Natures goodness $1.95, Supercoat $9 @Coles

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Coles is taking care of your furry friends every week. Apart from your weekly grocery shopping, you cat or dog of course needs delicious food for lower prices. There are many brands at Coles as dog... Read More

expired Low Price Liquors for BBQ Season 1 litre whiskey $49, 24 pack beer $40

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It's BBQ season and you'll love Coles liquor discount! You can find great drink offers this week and share them with your friends and neighbours during your BBQ parties. Whiskey, vodka, beer, rom, wine and any... Read More

expired Coles Half Price Offers of the week Grain waves $1.85, Prima fruit drink $1.72

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Valentine's day is coming. If you want to surprise your loved one and organise a great night for yourself, these snacks are for fantastic prices. There are soft drinks, chips, threads and daily snacks. You'll have... Read More

expired Coles Back to School Snack Offers Just Juice 6x200 ml $2.35, Smith's potato chips 2 for $5

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Hi guys,These are great for school season for your kids. You can stock some and put in their lunch boxes everyday. There are fruit juices, chips, rice cakes, crackers and more. It's a good idea to... Read More

expired Coles Half Price Offers Heinz Spaghetti $1.05, Kit Kat $1, Colgate Toothpaste $3.50

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Coles special deals are available for this week. This prices are valid from 1 February to 7 February and there are great half price offers again. You can get snacks, ready to cook meals, health and... Read More

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