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expired Clean Eating Weeknight Dinners: 100 Fast and Healthy Dinner Recipes (Free E Book)

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Clean Eating Weeknight Dinners: 100 Fast and Healthy Dinner Recipes (ready in under 30 minutes) Kindle Edition for Free. Changing your habits to live a healthier life can be easy, if you start from your everyday nutrition! Be... Read More

expired FREE 5 eBooks - Python Programming for Beginners; Command Line Kung Fu; Linux Administration Kindle

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Python Programming for Beginners: An Introduction to the Python Computer Language and Computer Programming (Python, Python 3, Python Tutorial) Kindle Edition Command Line Kung Fu: Bash Scripting Tricks, Linux Shell Programming Tips, and Bash One-liners Kindle Edition Linux... Read More

expired Free eBook: Learn Software Testing in 1 Day by Krishna Rungta

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One of a kind book by so far for software testing.Software testing is the verifying your software product against business requirements and the enduring the Application Under Test is defect free. Contrary to popular belief, testing... Read More

expired The Essential Job Interview Handbook ($8.50 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

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Here is a free book chance for you until 28 June. Job interviews are not an issue anymore. A unique feature of this book is the multiple answers it provides for each question, rated good, better, and... Read More

expired FREE eBook - The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator @ Amazon

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I just read this book cover to cover on a holiday airplane flight and agree with all of the reviews to date. The people that Ken Banks has chosen to profile truly speak and more... Read More

expired 5 Free Children's Books Kindle Edition @Amazon

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Every parent takes his child's bedtime serious. Most of the children enjoys bed time because of the story books. But of course buying a new story book for everyday could be pricy. So here is great... Read More

expired ESV Global Study Bible Kindle Edition Free

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You can now read the bible digitally for free. Global study bible kindle edition is completely free! It contains a wealth of information about the biblical text, history, and geography. With overviews of each Bible book, special... Read More


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If you are fed up with eating animals and decided to become a vegan and don't know how to start, this kit is a life saver for you. It's completely free and includes everything you need... Read More

expired FREE eBook: A Conversation About Economics

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Want to know more about economics? It you are new into economic terms, this book will help you to get big picture. At least, you can talk something about economics if you read it. Probably the... Read More

expired Australian Organic Gardening Resource Guide Free (Submit the Form)

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Australian people mostly like gardening. We all live in houses with gardens so why not? If you are into organic gardening, this book is great for you. You will find where to buy organic seeds, which... Read More

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