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You've experienced it first-hand while driving -- you check your mirrors, switch on your signal, and start to change lanes. At the last second you glance at your blind spot—and you're horrified to see a car right next to yours. You wrench the steering wheel and pull your car back into your lane, just in time. Like most drivers, you learned about the blind spot when you learned to drive, but it's easy to forget to check it before you start turning or switching lanes. Take some of the pressure off yourself by mounting blind spot mirrors!

Package includes 2 x blind spot mirror


Pick a fine day to install your blind spot mirror. Any day without rain, with low humidity, and with a temperature between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Is the weather refusing to cooperate? Do the job in your garage.

Clean your side-view mirrors thoroughly with glass cleaner and a paper towel. Dry them well with another paper towel.

Peel away the backing that covers the adhesive on your new blind spot mirror. Carefully stick the small, round mirror to the original side mirror. Remember to use either the top or bottom outside corner.

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is it a hard installation?
Don't think so. Check the instructions anyway.
writing easy but i dont think so
I sure will try this one.

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